The Elephant Transit Home Sri Lanka

The Elephant Transit Home Sri Lanka

The Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe is the foster home of young elephants of different age and size.
These great animals have been found injured or left abandoned in the wilderness.
We see them being fed, but from a distance that will allow the young elephants not to be to used to human beings.
As the elephants when they are ready, will be released into the wildernes of Udawalawe National Park.

Unfortunately humans are the elephants worst enemy, and it is therefore in the best interest of the elephant babies that only their care givers come to close.
We at Fernando Tours really appreciate that the care of the elephants comes before care of the tourists.
Please note that there is a small entrance fee to The Elephant Transit Home.

Watch the touching BBC documentary

Watch the touching BBC documentary the about the orphaned baby elephants, filmed in The Elephant Transit Home next to Udawalawe National Park.
The Elephant Transit Home is also open for visitors, and you can still watch the little star, baby elephant Namal, from the documentary.

Elephant Island – BBC Documentary about the life of elephants in Udawalawe National Park

Sri Lanka, the tropical island lying off the southern coast of India, is home to its own special elephants.
A sub species of the Asian elephant, they have their own unique characteristics.
In this programme, award winning wildlife cameraman Martyn Colbeck of Echo of the Elephants fame travels to Sri Lanka to try and get to know them.

Martyn has planned his arrival to coincide with the start of the monsoon, hoping it will be the best time to find and follow a new born calf.
By drawing on local knowledge, Martyn begins to unravel the complex social world of Sri Lanka’s elephants
– he witnesses a fight over a calf, a battle between two bulls in musk and, at an elephant sanctuary,
befriends an orphaned elephant who sadly lost a leg to a snare and is facing an uncertain future.

Presenter Martyn Colbeck
Producer Mike Birkhead
Director Mike Birkhead
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Series Producer Roger Webb